Orphan Ranger Program

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The Ranger Program is a WWO US-based program that sends volunteers to work in the countries we serve. The first volunteers - so called Rangers - were college students but over time, the ranks have included medical students and practicing professionals with specialized skills, doctors who help establish medical protocols
or youngsters with HIV/AIDS…athletes who help kids organize soccer teams … artists who open up new ways for children to communicate … actors who help orphans tell their stories through drama … and even family groups with a specific project to complete. 

The Orphan Ranger Program was the first WWO undertaking. After her medical missions to orphanages in Romania and Russia, Dr. Aronson realized that there was a way of life for children living in institutions that was incomprehensible, and that had to be understood in order to properly care for them. She created a “peace corps” for orphans modeled on her childhood hero, The Lone Ranger: the person who comes to do what others need and leave without thanks or payment.

Orphan Rangers work under the supervision of the Country Director and the scope of work and extent of their stay is planned in advance of their travel. All Orphan Rangers must be over 18 and are expected to pay for their trip expenses. If you are a student, remember that most of the universities provide grants and we strongly suggest you to initiate the application process as soon as possible. In case you are entitled to a grant, please let us know the deadline for application.

To apply, please send your application and also resume to OrphanRanger@wwo.org.


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